Hello everyone and welcome back to http://www.Deviantbondage.com, we're been gone a while but we hope you all missed us and you'll all join us as we move forward into the future. As many of you will have noticed we're changed our payment system to Voguepay. There are a couple of reasons for this change.

1: Its much more secure.

2: Other Paygates has decided it doesn't want to take payments for this kind of erotic content.

So how is it more secure I hear you ask, well mainly because Voguepay uses a 3-d verification system similar to Verified by Visa. When you have it set up for use, you are sent a security code by SMS that you have to enter before the transaction can go through. This ensures that unlike Paypal someone can't use your account by just getting hold of the password. Voguepay also allows us to use credit cards while ensuring all your details are stored securely on Voguepay's services, no personal or financial information is passed to us.

This probably needs redrafting, as I need to do some more reading up on the subject. Oh one other thing, how will these transactions show up on peoples credit cards? People need to know their partners won't be looking at their bills and finding out they were buying porn, just a thought I had.

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